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Netwoking & Broadband Services

Providing a wide range of network installations from small to large installations, each network comes with a consultation to fully understand your needs.

Server Installations

Do you want more from your business network, more productivity, security and efficiency? A server can provide many facilities from secure file sharing to email management. Contact Teklogic for a business consultancy.

Data Cable Installations

Does your home or office require a network cable infrastructure? Create your network system, will a professional installation from Teklogic. Data cabling systems include phone system and computer cabling. Covering all networks from big to small, a professional cabling system can increase computer and server performance

Broadband Advice & Help

With so many broadband providers, you may find it hard to choose between them, here at Teklogic we have had experience dealing with many providers. Let us share our knowledge with you.

Network Firewall & Antivirus

There are so many risks that can affect you on the internet, virus and hacker prevention is crucial. For home users there are many free alternatives. Larger computer systems can implement server side protection, not just protecting 1 user but the entire network.

Backup Mail Servers

Email plays a large part in any business, could you afford a day or week of lost emails, there are backup mail servers that can be installed to reduce these problems by storing the emails and sending them once the master mail server is back online.

Our Business services include:

  • Server Installations
  • Data Cable Installations
  • Broadband Advice & Help
  • Network Firewall & Antivirus
  • Backup Mail Servers

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