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Teklogic can provide your business with computer support, installations and repairs, around the Norfolk area.

A computer system is an essential part of any business; here at Teklogic we understand that you need a reliable system. We offer many different services from P.C. health checks to a full system consultancy. Please read on for a list of services:

If your business needs a fully manageable and secure network to help streamline your work then Teklogic can help you, please see the Networking section Teklogic. Free 1 hour system consultancy to fully understand your requirements.

Onsite PC Health Checks

Cleaning unwanted programs, increasing computer performance, checking for possible virus and security issues and recommending any possible upgrades.

Remote Support

If you have a computer problem, reduce the cost of repair and support, by opting for remote support from Teklogic. On average over half of all computer problems can be solved through Remote Support.

System Consultancy

If you require a computer system for the office or just a system upgrade, give Teklogic a call. We can provide you a full computer system, from 1 user to a full server installation with many users.

A Teklogic consultant will visit your business and talk through what you wish to achieve from the computer system.

System Security Analysis

With the constant threat of viruses and hackers, it is very important to fully understand how system security is managed. A teklogic consultant will make an appoint to discuss what you can do as a business to protect your information.

A List of Other Business Services:

  • Remote VPN
  • Application Support
  • Website Hosting and Design
  • VOIP
  • Spam helps/Email Support
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Network Security
  • Wireless
  • Range of Servers from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Email Servers (Microsoft Exchange / Zimbra )

Computer Services Include:

  • Onsite PC Health Checks
  • Remote Support
  • System Consultancy and Improvements
  • System Security Analysis
  • Out of Hour Call Out Service

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